Iridology Process & Benefits

What is Iridology Used For?

Iridology is a tool to assess where inherent strengths and deficiencies are located with the body. Once the deficiencies are identified, the better you are to prevent illnesses through proper nutrition and exercise.

How is Iridology Performed?

The Iridologist will use a special camera with an illumination system to take a picture of your eye. The information is then transferred to a computer so an analysis can be done. The Iridologist will analyze or assess areas within the body that are strong and areas of potential deficiency. The Iridologist will never diagnose a disease.

What Iridology Can Do for You

  • Reveal inherent strengths and deficiencies of organs, glands and tissues. Inherently weak organs do not utilize nutrients, nor do they have the ability to discharge toxicity.
  • Show certain foods that a person could have difficulty digesting or utilizing.
  • Show from the pupil border, areas of the spine that may have been injured.
  • Indicate there is a potential for high uric acid levels, serum cholesterol levels, and lymphatic congestion.

What Iridology Does Not Do

  • Diagnose or give the name of any disease a person may have or might have.
  • Indicate blood pressure levels.
  • Confirm the presence of viruses, germ life or bacterial issues.
  • Determine if a woman is pregnant or has had an abortion.
  • Show whether a person has kidney stones or gallstones.
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