Meaning of Eye Pigments

Iris Pigments – What are they and What do they mean?

Pigments are iris signs composed of melanin. Pigments are accumulations of various colors within the iris and can occur in all types of irises including blue lymphatic, mixed biliary and dark brown hematogenic.
Pigment colors can be brown, rust, dark brown, black, yellow, orange, fluorescent orange and red.

Iris Pigment Colors Each Have Different Meanings

  • Yellow Iris Pigment – kidney and bladder disorders or infection
  • Dark Brown Iris Pigment – hepatic or pancreatic disturbances, more often liver insufficiencies
  • Orange Iris Pigment – pancreas or liver, more often pancreas
  • Fluorescent Orange Iris Pigment – gallbladder
  • Rust Iris Pigment – pancreas or liver, more often liver and Red – Kidney dysfunction
  • Tarry Black Iris Pigment – liver imbalance, possible serious imbalance in the body


Ways the Eyes May Change

  • New Pigments: Pigments may appear that were not previously there.
  • Changes in Pigment Sizes and Shapes: The pupil may become larger, smaller, elliptical, distorted or flattened in areas that correspond to a spinal injury.
  • Pigment Fibers: Fibers may appear to become slightly lighter or darker, especially in a biliary (mixed) iris.
Ways Eyes May Change: Flattened | Iridology by Peppy | Peppy Caccavale | Las Vegas, Nevada

Flattened Pigments